Pallet Fork | 4000 & 5500

Details and Sizing


The Stinger Attachments pallet forks are designed for heavy-duty use. We use industry-leading USA forks by Cascade Corp. They are backed by a 3-year warranty. Our frame design features a heavy-duty machined 1.25” x 3” top carrier bar — this top bar is then welded to a 3” x 2” structural tube to make the top support even stronger. The bottom carrier is a ½” x 3” flat welded to a 3” x 3” support tube. Our main carriage uprights are constructed of 3/8” grade 50 steel. Our skid steer loader pallet forks are manufactured in a jig fixture by man to ensure high tolerances. Our high tolerances are important because this allows the fork to slide easily.

Options: 48” | 60”
Price: $1,375-$1,765
Other Stinger Models Available Upon Request