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TMG Industrial

TMG-SB50 Heavy-Duty 50" Stump Bucket With Universal Quick Attach For Skid-Steers

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The TMG Industrial Heavy-Duty 50” Stump Bucket features chain slot tie-downs for securing large stumps for transfer, reverse curled teeth on both sides to help rip through roots, and replaceable teeth. This is the heaviest duty stump bucket made by TMG Industrial and is designed to be long-lasting. The curved bottom and narrow profile provide leverage and increase the ease of digging under stumps. Aside from removing stumps, it is great for removing fence posts, prying up large rocks, removing sidewalks or asphalt, and digging ditches. This Heavy-Duty 50” Stump Bucket comes with a 1-year warranty and customer support from our British Columbia headquarters.


  • Curved bottom for better leverage
  • 50” long
  • Quick attach mount
  • Reverse curled teeth up both sides
  • Chain slot tie-downs for securing stumps for transfer
  • Three replaceable teeth
  • Dimension: 57'' x 50'' x 24''
  • Shipping weight: 385 lbs