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TMG Industrial

TMG-TFMO70 70" 3-Point Offset Ditch Bank Flail Mower With 90° Tilt For Ditches

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The TMG Industrial 70'' 3-Point Offset Ditch Bank Flail Mower comes with a hydraulic operated offset cutting head, which can pivot at downwards 65° and upwards 90° to maintain accurate cutting in ditches, banks, and even for cutting down brushes and saplings. The accurate rotor rotation and forged flail hammers make for efficient and safe cutting, reduce thrown debris, and create a mulch-like clipping than a brush cutter.  


  • Blade rotor shaft driven with three drive belts
  • Rear roller installed with tractor top link arm to adjust the cutting height to adapt uneven areas
  • Hydraulically controlled right side offset and 90° maximum tilt
  • Forged flail hammers
  • 3-PTO driveline shaft included
  • Tractor power required: 20-50 HP
  • Working width: 65"
  • Work efficiency: 6,100 to 15,000 yd2/h
  • Two storage kickstands
  • Off set distance from the centre(maximum): 88''
  • 3-PTO driveline shaft, 540 RPM, category 1
  • Shipping dimension: 75’’ x 30’’ x 30’’
  • Shipping weight: 860 lb
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