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TMG Industrial

TMG-TS42 42" Heavy-Duty Tree Scoop For Skid-Steers

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The TMG Industrial 42” Heavy-Duty Tree Scoop is an essential skid-steer attachment for industries including landscaping, lawn care, and nurseries. It is ideal for transplanting trees, shrubs, stumps, or even digging trenches. This 42” scoop is reinforced in multiple locations, creating a heavy-duty attachment that is built to be long-lasting. The top reinforcements have chain slot tie-downs that allow you to easily secure a tree for transport or utilize a chain to help pull a stump or tree out of the ground. This Heavy-Duty 42” Tree Scoop comes with a 1-year warranty and customer support from our British Columbia headquarters.


  • Quick attach mount
  • 42” Long
  • Chain slot tie-downs for securing stumps after transfer
  • Dimension: 51'' x 44'' x 23''
  • Shipping weight: 295 lbs