Snow Pusher | SPX

Details and Sizing


The Stinger Attachments snow pusher is a heavy-built box with an excellent design geared toward customers with large properties or business owners wanting to spend less time clearing the yard. The advantage of the pusher vs the bucket is not having to take time to dump at the pile. Over time this will save the operator plenty of seat time. Our box size is 30”x30” and is available in multiple widths. Our moldboard is constructed out of 3/16 gr 50 steel, the moldboard is supported with two large channels upper/lower that add superior strength. Our pushers come standard with a bolt-on 3/4×6 Cut Edge and adjustable ½” wear skids. Drag Back bars are optional and allow for getting into hard-to-reach places.

Options: 6’ | 7’ | 8’ | 9’ | 10’
Price: $2,490-$2,785
Other Stinger Models Available Upon Request